59025 | Above-Ground Pool Solar Heater
59025 | Above-ground Pool Solar Heater – Package

Above-Ground Pool Solar Heater

SKU: 59025

Product Description

  • Swim past the summer with solar-heated water
  • Compact oval design
  • An eco-friendly way to heat your water
  • Include Bypass Kit to regulate temperature
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 29″ Long x 29″ Wide x 9.5″ High

[table caption=”Recommended Heaters” id=”usage-chart” colwidth=”” colalign=”center|center|center|center|center|center|center|”]
Pool Size, Sq. Ft., Depth, Approx. Gallons, 1 unit, 2 units, 3 units
10ft Round, 79, 30″, 1200, 1.26[attr class=”orange”], 0.63[attr class=”orange”], 0.40[attr class=”orange”]
12ft Round, 113, 36″, 2100, 2.21[attr class=”orange”], 1.11[attr class=”orange”], 0.70[attr class=”orange”]
15ft Round, 177, 48″, 4200, 4.42[attr class=”orange”], 2.21[attr class=”orange”], 1.40[attr class=”orange”]
18ft Round, 254, 48″, 6100, 6.42[attr class=”orange”], 3.21[attr class=”orange”], 2.03[attr class=”orange”]
21ft Round, 346, 52″, 8900, 9.37[attr class=”orange”], 4.68[attr class=”orange”], 2.97[attr class=”orange”]
24ft Round, 452, 52″, 11600, 12.21[attr class=”orange”], 6.11[attr class=”orange”], 3.87[attr class=”orange”]
27ft Round, 572, 52″, 14700, 15.47[attr class=”orange”], 7.74[attr class=”orange”], 4.90[attr class=”orange”]
12 x 24ft Oval, 226, 48″, 5400, 5.68[attr class=”orange”], 2.84[attr class=”orange”], 1.80[attr class=”orange”]
14 x 28ft Oval, 308, 48″, 7300, 7.68[attr class=”orange”], 3.84[attr class=”orange”], 2.43[attr class=”orange”]
15 x 30ft Oval, 353, 48″, 8400, 8.84[attr class=”orange”], 4.42[attr class=”orange”], 2.80[attr class=”orange”]
16 x 32ft Oval, 402, 52″, 10300, 10.84[attr class=”orange”], 5.42[attr class=”orange”], 3.43[attr class=”orange”]
18 x 33ft Oval, 466, 52″, 12000, 12.63[attr class=”orange”], 6.32[attr class=”orange”], 4.00[attr class=”orange”]

* Heating time (based on days to heat) and number of units is approximate and is based on optimal sun conditions. Heating temperature is based on 5° F

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