81543 | Giraffe Baby Rider - Lifestyle 1
81543 | Giraffe Baby Rider - Lifestyle 1
81543 | Giraffe Baby Rider - Lifestyle 3
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81543 | Giraffe Baby Rider - Lifestyle 2
81543 | Giraffe Baby Rider

Giraffe Baby Rider

SKU: 81543

Product Description

  • Comfortable and secure drop seat with ample leg openings
  • Large leaf canopy for sun protection
  • Four little giraffe legs for grabbing and squeezing fun
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 30” Long x 24” Wide, deflated
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)

Your little one will have fun getting comfortable in the water sitting inside Poolmaster’s Giraffe Baby seat. This rider is adorned in trendy Giraffe pattern while the adorable Giraffe with it’s long neck holds a giant leaf canopy that aids in protecting baby from the sun. Four inflatable Giraffe legs are integrated on top of the rider for baby to grab and squeeze! Drop seat features ample leg room and provides confident and comfortable sitting. Made in 10-gauge vinyl and recommended for ages 8-24 months.

Ages 8 - 24 months Giraffes, Babies, Kid, Kids, Animal, Animals, Riders

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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