83113 | Juice Pop - Lifestyle 1
83113 | Juice Pop - Lifestyle 1
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83113 | Juice Pop

Juice Pop

SKU: 83113

Product Description

  • Bright translucent design adds POP to pool water
  • Almost 6 feet long
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 70” Long x 27.5” Wide, deflated
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)

The Juice Pop float looks so refreshing and fun to play on the water. Brightly colored translucent vinyl adds POP to the pool and draws you right in to play! Made of 10-gauge vinyl and measures almost 6 feet long, deflated size.

Ages 8 and up Popsicle, Popsicles, Food, Foods, Kids, Kid, Child, Float, Floats

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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