Vinyl Patch Kit – Wet/Dry

SKU: 30279 / 30280

Product Description

  • Underwater or dry patching
  • Fast-drying adhesive
  • High-strength hold
  • Kit includes: adhesive, applicator, patch material

For underwater and dry patching of vinyl swimming pools, the Vinyl Patch Kit easily bonds patch to original vinyl product. A must have for easy repairing of any vinyl liner pools or other vinyl product. The high-strength adhesive is fast drying. The Kit includes a 4oz. canister of adhesive, 2 dauber applicators and 260 square inches of clear vinyl patch which can be cut to size.


30279 – 4 oz. Kit

30280 – 2 oz. Kit


Maintenance, Accessory, Accessories, Patches, Kits, Glue, Glues


Make Water Fun with your Friends

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