Gunite Pool Kit
Gunite Pool Kit
5-Way Test Kit
Gunite Pool Kit
Gunite Pool Kit
Gunite Pool Kit
Gunite Pool Kit

Gunite Pool Kit

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Product Description

  • 18105 – 17 ½” Aluminum -Back Brush
  • 18210 – Aluminum Leaf Skimmer
  • 22264 – Basic 5 Test Kit – Clam Shell
  • 18307 – Floating Thermometer 7 1/2″
  • 18500 – Gunite Flex Vacuum
  • Note: The #1 solution in the Basic 5 Test Kit is sealed to comply with transportation regulations. No other solutions in this kit require sealed caps.

Poolmaster’s Basic Collection consists of the essential must-have products for customary pool and spa maintenance constructed with durable materials designed to keep your pool sparkling. Arm yourself with the must-have basics to cover all your maintenance needs. Kit includes Flexible Vacuum with mar-proof wheels and weighted body, 17-1/2″ Aluminum-back brush with die-cast handle and Polypropylene bristles, Leaf Skimmer with Aluminum inner frame with mar-proof rim and long-wear net, and for water testing and temperature control, the Basic 5 Test Kit tests for chlorine, bromine, pH, acid demand, and total alkalinity, while the large Pocket thermometer features built-in reservoir to hold water for accurate read outs outside the pool.

Maintenance, Kits, Vac, Vacuums, Thermometers, Skimmers, Brushes

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