Cover Catch™

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Product Description

  • For removing leaves and debris from solar covers, preventing leaves and debris from falling into the pool
  • Position Cover Catch into place at corner of pool nearest the rolled end of pool cover – sweep or hose debris and leaves into Cover Catch
  • Floating frame allows for easy placement and folds in half for quick clean up
  • Weighted deck plate keeps Cover Catch in place
  • 43.75″ x 33.5″ (approximate size)

Collecting and removing fallen leaves and debris from your solar cover is as easy as 1, 2, 3. At about 3 feet before you finish rolling back your solar cover, place Cover Catch at corner of the pool near the edge of the solar cover. The floating net will allow you to sweep or hose the collected leaves and debris into the Cover Catch instead of into your pool. Simply fold Cover Catch up and carry to your trash bin to empty.

Maintenance, Leaves, Leafs, Leaf, Dirty, Pool, Pools, Clean

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