Small Pool / Spa Skimmer with 2-Piece Pole Set

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Product Description

  • Perfect for skimming surface leaves and debris from small spas, pools, and water features
  • Compact in size to access harder to reach areas
  • Extends to about 3ft when fully assembled or about 2ft with just skimmer head and handle
  • One-piece molded frame with scoop-front feature to help remove stuck on leaves
  • 2-Piece pole set included handle with hang hole and pole – male / female threaded attachment
  • Anodized aluminum protects against rust

Don’t let a long telescoping pole get in the way of cleaning tight areas and smaller bodies of water. This molded skimmer with 2-piece pole set extends to almost 3 feet when fully assembled and allows you the reach you need to gather up leaves and debris floating along your pond, spa, fountain and more. Anodized aluminum and poly-molded skimmer head means all-weather material for product longevity and durability.

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