Salt Water Test Strips – Display

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  • For maintaining proper Sodium Chloride levels in pool or spa
  • Tests for Sodium Chloride with a range from 1500 – 5000ppm
  • DIP N READ n seconds
  • 10 MADE-IN-THE-USA testing strips per bottle
  • Bottle features DESICCANT LINER for moisture control
  • Easy-to-use and store in the POP-TOP container – open / close with one hand
  • It is recommended to test your sodium levels 2 – 3 times per month
  • Check with your SALT pool manufacturer for recommended levels of sodium chloride
  • NOTE: To ensure best results, keep strips dry and away from moisture
  • STOCK UP! Shelf life for SALT WATER STRIPS is 30 months!

For use in maintaining your SALT pool/spa’s proper sodium chloride levels, Smart Test’s SALT WATER test strips are easy to use and read. Simply dip and read. Results develop in seconds. The color indicator on the strip reacts to your water’s chemistry. Match the color level indicator on your strip with the color indicator chart for comparison. Refer to your pool or spa manufacturer’s recommended ideal sodium chloride level. To maintain a healthy pool or spa, test your water 2 to 3 times per month. The easy POP-TOP allows you to open the container with one hand. The desiccant liner on the inside of the bottle helps to absorb moisture and keeps your strips fresh for accurate results. Bottle includes 10 strips. Stock up and have at the ready. Your strips have a 30-month shelf life!

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