Solutions #1 – #5 – Clam Shell

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Product Description

  • For maintaining proper water chemistry
  • Tests for five chemical factors:  Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity
  • Includes 1oz. solutions of #1-#3 and 1/2oz. solutions of #4 – #5
  • (Note:  Solution #2 Phenol Red is not the same as Phenol Red – DO NOT interchange)
  • Phenol Red is for use with 2 or 3-Way Test Kits Only – not to be used with 5-Way Test Kits
  • Note: The #1 solution is sealed to comply with transportation regulations. No other solutions in this kit require sealed caps.
  • All solutions Made In The USA

For maintaining your pool or spa’s water chemistry, Poolmaster’s replacement solutions are the perfect choice.

Maintenance, Solution, Water, Treatment, Treatments, Basic

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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