Analog Combo Thermometer

SKU: 25300

Product Description

  • For measuring water temperature in pool or spa
  • Shatter-proof body comes complete with Polyethylene cord and removable top for floating or hanging options
  • Alcohol based indicator
  • Large, clear readout
  • For hanging, attach the mildew-resistant cord to the top of the thermometer body.
  • For floating, attach the floating top to the thermometer body by aligning the guides on the inside of the top with the corresponding guides on the top sides of the thermometer. Snap to Fit!
  • Temperature ranges to a maximum high of 120-degree Fahrenheit and 50-degree Celsius
  • 9″ x 1-1/4″ Diameter

Poolmaster’s Premier Collection features high-quality materials with outstanding performance in mind for season-after-season use designed to keep your pool sparkling. For measuring your water temperature in your pool or spa, Poolmaster’s Premier collection Analog Combo Thermometer is unassuming in design, but reliable for accurate temperature control. In sleek black shatterproof material, features include easy-to-read indicator markings, Polyethylene cord for hanging and removable top for floating or standing options.


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