72777 | Above Ground BBall/VBall Game
72777 | Above Ground BBall/VBall Game
72777 | Above Ground Volleyball Game - Lifestyle
72777 | Above Ground BBall/VBall Game - Lifestyle

Above-Ground Poolside Basketball & Volleyball Combo Game

SKU: 72777

Product Description

  • Includes Perma-top Mounts
  • Permanently attaches to a 4″ or wider top rail
  • All-weather hard-body backboard
  • Hand-woven polyethylene net
  • Set includes basketball game, game ball, net, poles, pole support bases and deluxe water volleyball and inflating needle
  • 14″ PVC hoop and PVC supports
  • 16’ net with 10’ side ties allows for extending length as needed
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Volleyball Game: 16′ Wide x 30” High (can extend over 38′ with corner ties)
  • Basketball Game: 34″ Wide x 35.5″ High x 15″ Deep
  • Backboard size: 34″ Wide x 25.5″ High

Bring your best game to the pool with Poolmaster’s Above-Ground Poolside Basketball / Volleyball Game Combo. Basketball game includes all-weather basketball backboard, perma-top mounts, hoop, Polyethylene net and game ball. Volleyball game includes 16′ polyethylene net with 10′ side ties to extend length, pole uprights with perma-top mounts, and deluxe game ball including inflation needle. Both games permanently mount to 4″ wide or larger top rails.


72777 – Above Ground Poolside Basketball Game + Across Pool Volleyball Game
Video Assembly Instructions

Age 12Games, Child’s, Child, Children


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