Deluxe Badminton Set

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Product Description

  • Badminton set of 4 – Fun for the whole family
  • 4 deluxe rackets feature blue Aluminum rims that measure 9.5″ H x 7.5″ W
  • Threaded with 16-17 lb. gauge Nylon strings
  • PVC handles provide stay-put gripping
  • Durable Steel shaft measures 10″ in length
  • 4 deluxe birdies provide great aerodynamics and measure 3.25″ long
  • Comes complete in zipper carrying case with grab strap

Poolmaster’s Deluxe Badminton Set includes 4 aluminum-rimmed badminton rackets threaded with 16-17lb. nylon strings. PVC Comfort grips have been added to keep the rackets securely in hand. The Steel shaft provides flex and durability. 4 deluxe birdies provide great aerodynamics and superior impact response. The set comes in a carry case with zipper and grab strap for on-the-go fun.

Ages 8 and up DLX, birds, birdies, game, toy, toys, games, fun, kids, children

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