Vinyl Water Hammock

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Product Description

  • Traditional hammock-style lounge
  • Keeps you partially submerged and cool
  • Mesh center seat with head / neck support
  • Color: 3 Assorted – Orange, Yellow, Blue
  • Size: 51.75’’ Long x 29’’ Wide
  • Gauge: 8g (0.20mm)

Stay cool while partially submerged on this traditional hammock-style lounge. Bright vibrant color pops off the water and inflatable neck and leg supports keep you in a secure sitting posture. Roll it up and go, or store for your next outing.

Adults OnlyLounge, Lounges, Loungers, Inflatable, Inflatables, Hammocks

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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1 review for Vinyl Water Hammock

  1. Margie Lawson

    I was just given these as a wonderful gift. I absolutely love it, keeps me in the water and comfortable and cool For ladies that don’t want a wet hairdo these are fabulous as your hair stays dry yet your body is wet and cool. They store in very little space as they roll up I have lots of pool floats but this is my favorite one now. I can roll them up put them in my bag and take them with me to anyone’s pool.

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