Learn-to-Swim® Tube Trainer

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Product Description

  • Dependable, easy-to-use swimming aid for building confidence in beginner swimmers
  • Tube float design allows freedom of movement and aids child to maintain an upright or forward swimming position
  • Heavy-duty 20-gauge vinyl swim tube is built into a soft, polyester swimsuit featuring tank top design with adjustable hook and loop strap for a comfort fit
  • Soft quick-dry Polyester material with UPF SO added for sun protection
  • Control the level of inflation to ensure a snug fit around child’s torso
  • Fits children 34-inches to 40-inches in height and 27 to 35 pounds, approximately
  • Available in Blue and Orange

Learn-To-Swim® products are designed to aid young swimmers at all stages of learning. The Learn-to-Swim Tube Trainer is a Stage 2 swim trainer that helps build swimming confidence while aiding in maintaining an upright/ forward position in the water. A child must be at a swim stage or age where they are able to hold themselves upright / forward in the water on their own.

For life saving purposes, instead of Learn-to-Swim purposes, a US Coast Guard Approved Vest may be needed.

Ages 3 - 6 years Trainers, Tubes, Kids, Kid, Baby, Babies


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