Learn-to-Swim Tube Trainer
Learn-to-Swim Tube Trainer
Learn-to-Swim Tube Trainer
50505 | Tube Trainer - Orange
50505 | LTS Tube Trainer - Blue
50505 | LTS Tube-Trainer - Lifestyle 1
50505 | LTS Tube-Trainer - Lifestyle 5
50505 | LTS Tube-Trainer - Lifestyle 7
50505 | LTS Tube-Trainer - Lifestyle 2
50505 | LTS Tube-Trainer - Lifestyle 3

Learn-to-Swim Tube Trainer

SKU: 50505

Product Description

  • Dependable, easy-to-use swimming aid for building confidence in beginner swimmers
  • Tube design allows freedom of movement and permits child to float upright or in swimming position
  • Heavy-duty 20-gauge vinyl tube is built into a soft, polyester swim suit that features tank top design with adjustable strap for comfort fit
  • UPF 50 added for sun protection
  • Available in Blue and Orange
  • Fits children 34″-40″ in height and 27 to 35 pounds, approximately

Learn-To-Swim™ products are designed to aid young swimmers at all stages of learning. The Tube Trainer is designed to build water confidence by allowing the freedom to move around the pool in either an upright floating position or in a forward swimming position. The heavy-duty 20-gauge vinyl tube promotes dependability and durability, while the soft polyester material with adjustable straps provides all-day comfort wear. Material treated with UPF 50 for sun protection. Available in Blue and Orange.

Ages 3 - 6 years Trainers, Tubes, Kids, Kid, Baby, Babies

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