Little Ones Crab Swim Set

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Product Description

  • A complete set that builds confidence for eager swimmers
  • Set includes: 20” Diameter ring, Inflatable Kick Board with handles, Dual-chamber Arm Floats, Goggles with safety lens and adjustable PVC strap, eye gaskets and nose bridge
  • Package: Color Box with Handle
  • Swim Ring size: 20” Diameter, deflated
  • Kick Board size: 28” Wide x 29” Long, deflated
  • Arm Floats size: 6.25” Wide x 10.25” High, deflated
  • Color: Orange
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)

Poolmaster’s Learn-to-Swim™ Little Ones Swim Set comes complete with all the essentials any eager beginning swimmer would want to have fun in the water while building swimming confidence. Set includes a set of two-chamber arm floats, 20″ diameter swim tube, 28″ x 29″ inflatable kick board, and pair of goggles. Recommended for ages 3+.

Ages 3 - 12 years

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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