Snail Baby Rider

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Product Description

  • Comfortable and secure drop seat with ample leg openings
  • Large leaf canopy for sun protection
  • Removable inflatable toy ladybug included
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 29” Long x 24” Wide, deflated
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)

Poolmaster’s Snail Baby Rider if full of color and fun detailing. The Snail Rider features inflatable side shells that add stability on the water, while the long tail curves up and over to hold a leaf canopy that helps to protect baby from the sun. Two large antenna stand at attention on top of the snails head. A removable inflatable ladybug toy is included for baby to squeeze and stay entertained while getting comfortable in the water. Drop seat features ample leg room and provides confident and comfortable sitting. Made in 10-gauge vinyl and recommended for ages 8-24 months.

Ages 8 - 24 months Snails, Babies, Riders, Kids, Kid, Child, Children, Animal, Animals

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