French Classic Mattress

SKU: 83360

Product Description

  • Full-width raised pillow
  • Classic French pocket construction with 18 tufted pockets
  • Reflective bottom, clear top and contrasting pockets
  • Color: 2 Assorted – Pink or Blue
  • Size: 76″ Long x 29″ Wide, deflated
  • Gauge: 12.8g (0.32mm)

Poolmaster’s classically-designed French Pocket Mattress features 18 bright tufted pockets that trap water for cooling comfort. A built-in gusseted pillow is featured for neck and head support. Made with 12.8-gauge vinyl and measures 76″ x 29″, deflated size. Available in assorted Pink and Blue.

Adults Only


Mattresses, Pockets, Pocket

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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