Honolulu Mattress

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Product Description

  • Oval-shape design features two reversible colors
  • Mattress center sits lower than perimeter
  • 40 built-in water holes provide cooling comfort
  • Elevated pillow and foot rest built into construction
  • Color: Pink/Blue (reversible)
  • Size: 72” Long x 41” Wide, deflated
  • Gauge: 8.4g (0.21mm)

You don’t have to be in the tropics to enjoy the Honolulu mattress. Made in an oval design, the center features 40 water holes to allow for water to seep in and keep you cool. The perimeter is slightly elevated to provide a built-in neck and back rest for comfort and lounging support. Reversible in two colors – Pink or Blue. Constructed in 8.4-gauge vinyl. Recommended for adults.

Adults Only


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