Swan Family Pool Décor

SKU: 81410 / 81420 / 81430

Product Description

  • Floating swan family
  • Color: White

This floating swan makes a graceful and picturesque addition to any pool or spa. The swan measures 28″ high. It features strong vinyl material for lasting use.

81410 – 11” Swan
Size: 11″ High, deflated
Gauge: 8g (0.20mm)

81420 – 19” Swan
Size: 19″ High, deflated
Gauge: 8.8g (0.22mm)

81430 – 28” Swan
Size: 28” High, deflated
Gauge: 10.4g (0.26mm)
Includes water bladder for upright buoyancy

Adults Only


Water Bladder Fill Instructions

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Make Water Fun with your Friends

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