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Bump N Squirt Tube
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87218 | Bump 'N' Squirt Tube - Lifestyle
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Bump N Squirt Tube

Bump N Squirt Tube

SKU: 87218

Product Description

  • Water gun features feeder line for continuous water supply
  • Inflatable half seat allows legs to kick freely
  • Dual handle grips provide support
  • Durable to withstand rough water play
  • Color: 2 Assorted – Blue and Yellow
  • Size: 42” Diameter, deflated
  • Gauge: 14g (0.35mm)

Ready, Set, Squirt! This action squirter will never run out of water with Bump N Squirt’s self-feeding water line. Assembles easily and is ready for action in minutes. The inflated half-seat allows your legs to fall freely into the pool to propel you where you want to go. The durable vinyl construction can withstand rough water play. One Bump N Squirt is perfect, but two are recommended for all-day water dueling. Available in Blue and Yellow.

Ages 8 and up Tubes, Bumpin, Squirter, Squirts, Kids, Kid, Children


Instructions Sheet

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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