Party Hats Ring Toss Game

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Product Description

  • It’s always a party with this family-friendly game
  • Set includes 6 oversized hats and 6 toss rings (6.5” diameter)
  • Built-in water bladder for upright support
  • Can be played on water or lawn
  • Size: 17” High x 8” Wide
  • Gauge: 8g (0.20mm)

Poolmaster’s Party Hat Ring Toss Game is the perfect activity for any event. Featuring a water-bladder at their base, the inflatable party hats can be set up on land or in the water. Test your aim at the next celebration with Poolmaster’s Party Hat Ring Toss. Set includes 6 inflatable party hats standing at 17″ tall and 6 yellow plastic toss rings. Recommended for ages 8+.

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