Surf’s Up Lil’ Splashers Mask

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Product Description

  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL EYE PROTECTION for little ones Learning To Swim
  • LATEX and BPA FREE materials
  • Adjustable durable SILICONE STRAPS SILICONE SKIRT is soft, yet durable and provides a comfortable and secure seal
  • UV PROTECTED lenses
  • ONE-PIECE hybrid frame design – not quite a mask, not quite a goggle!
  • SWIM GOGGLES and MASKS should be comfortable during wear and suction to your face without using a strap. Gently press the mask to your face…if it suctions in place, you’ve found the PERFECT FIT!
  • Recommended for ages 3+

Surf’s Up little dude and dudettes! The Junior Surf Mask is a hybrid between a goggle and mask. The one-piece mask-like design covers your eyes completely yet the nose is left open like goggles. Comfortable for all-day wear in the pool or lake, this mask provides all-important eye protection. Durable impact-resistant lenses are UV PROTECTED and are designed to minimize scratching while the SILICONE skirt is soft yet durable and provides a nice seal. The SILICONE STRAP is super durable, wears well and adjusts easily. LATEX and BPA FREE!


Surfs Up Mask Video Instructions



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