Pole Pivot™

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Product Description

  • Pole attachment that provides optimum operating angles for skimmers, rakes, vacuums, or brushes
  • Attaches to any standard pool pole and provides up to a 90 degree angle for any pool maintenance tool
  • Push-button release mechanism adjusts in 22.5 degree angles and locks into place
  • Elongated side slots provides straight vacuum handles side-to-side steering action
  • 10″ x 2″ (approximate size)
  • Works with any standard pool pole – sold separately

No more struggling to find the perfect angle for your pole. Attach Pole Pivot to any standard pool pole, then attach your brush, skimmer, rake, or vacuum. With a push of a button, the release mechanism is set to provide multiple angle options, up to 90 degrees, giving you the freedom you need to get into the hard-to-reach spots of your pool or spa with ease. Flared hole guides provide easy on/off attaching. Elongated slots on the side of Pole Pivot provide side-to-side steering maneuverability for vacuums with straight handles.


Poles, Pivots, Degrees, Degree, Skimmers, Skimmer, Maintenance, Accessory

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