Backwash/Filter Cleaning Hoses
Backwash/Filter Cleaning Hoses
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Backwash/Filter Cleaning Hoses

Backwash/Filter Cleaning Hoses

SKU: 32160 / 32161 / 32162 / 32164 / 32165 / 32166 / 32168

Product Description

  • Weather and chemical-resistant extruded vinyl
  • Flexible and durable for temperature extremes
  • For use during filter backwash process
  • Use with in-ground or above-ground pool equipment
  • Fits most 1 1/2″ fittings
  • For use with hose clamp – sold separately


Use a hose clamp to secure the backwash hose to your filter pipe by loosening the clamp to expand and slip over the end of the backwash hose, then stretch and slip the end of the backwash hose onto the waste pipe of the filter.  Secure the hose clamp in place and tighten to secure.


  • Unroll the hose and lay flat before use
  • If the hose is stiff or cold, leave out in sun to help soften and make more pliable
  • After use, roll up the hose and store in a dry place out of direct sunlight

Poolmaster’s Essential Collection consists of the essential must-have products for customary pool and spa maintenance constructed with durable materials designed to keep your pool sparkling. Poolmaster’s 1 1/2″ x 100′ Backwash Hose can be used with in-ground and above-ground pool equipment, fits most 1 1/2″ fittings and is made of quality extruded vinyl that holds up to extreme weather conditions, be it hot or cold. Flexible and rolls flat for storage and it is recommended to store in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Use with hose clamp – sold separately. NOTE: If hose is stiff or cold, lay out in the sun to make more pliable for ease of use.

Available Sizes:

32164 – 1 ½” x 25′

32165 – 1 ½” x 50′

32161 – 1 ½” x 200′

32160 – 1 ½” x 100′

32166 – 2″ x 50′

32168 – 2″ x 100′

32162 – 2″ x 200′

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