Easy Skim™

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Product Description

  • For removing surface leaves and debris from pool or spa
  • Patented bi-directional functionality allows for manual side-to-side rotation of net position to maximize cleaning
  • Pool float attached to skimmer frame bears weight of cleaning during extended reach positions and can be manually rotated from side to side for quick cleaning action
  • Great for Above-Ground Pools
  • 21″ x 15″ (approximate size)
  • Works with any standard pool pole – sold separately
  • US Patent #7033490

The patented design of Easy Skim features a bi-directional functionality to the frame allowing it to be manually be rotated from side to side without disturbing the debris in the net. Use to quickly glide along the pool surface, Easy Skim bears the weight of the collected debris because of attached float. Perfect for above-ground pools as it makes extended reaching easy with no back strain.


Skimmer, Skimmers, Maintenance, Leafs, Leaves, Leaf, Dirty, Pool, Pools

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