Poly Leaf Skimmer

SKU: 18201

Product Description

  • For removing surface leaves and debris from pool or spa
  • Molded polypropylene frame is designed for strength with reinforcement at the handle
  • Scoop front feature helps aid in picking up leaves stuck to the pool’s surface
  • Mar-proof material prevents any scratches on pool walls or other surface areas
  • Handle made of durable high density polyethylene
  • Mesh net feature tight weave for capturing smaller debris
  • For use with standard pool poles – sold separately

The Poly molded Leaf Skimmer is lightweight, yet made with a reinforced frame that features a scoop front for easy pick-ups and extra sturdy handle. The close-mesh netting helps to capture smaller debris along with the leaves. Works with any standard pool pole, sold separately.

Maintenance, Skimmers, Skimmer, Basic

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