Deluxe Air-Relief Vinyl Liner Vacuum

SKU: 27402

Product Description

  • Deluxe nylon perimeter and underside bristles integrated into a weighted vacuum body
  • Two adjustable air-relief valves help control the amount of suction created by the vacuum against the vinyl liner
  • Rust-resistant tension-spring handle for maintaining submergibility
  • Works with 1.25″ and 1.5″ swimming pool vacuum hoses and standard pool poles – sold separately

For vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, this vacuum has all the bells and whistles. Nylon bristles are made of durable quality for providing longevity and bend recovery. The handle is fastened with a tension spring which provides downward resistance – a needed feature to help keep the vacuum submerged while vacuuming. Great for reducing back strain! The swivel-function hose adapter will maintain a kink-free cleaning operation. Two air relief valves allow you the control to reduce or increase the suction of the vacuum’s force against your vinyl liner. Brilliant!

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