5-Way Test Kits – DPD

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Product Description

DPD: diethyl-p-phenylene diamine

  • Our Test Kit Solutions Are Produced in the USA!
  • For maintaining proper water chemistry
  • Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity
  • Includes a rapid dissolve #1 DPD tablets for Free Chlorine test and 1oz. solutions of #2 and #3 and 1/2 oz. solutions of #4 – #5
  • Clear-view round test block with integrated color chips for accurate color matching plus Bromine scale for testing Bromine treated water
  • (Note: #2 Phenol Red is not the same as Phenol Red – DO NOT interchange)
  • #2 Phenol Red is for use with 5-Way Test Kits and Phenol Red is for use with 2 or 3-Way Test Kits
  • Comes complete with polyethylene case

Poolmaster’s Premier Collection features high-quality materials with outstanding performance in mind for season-after-season use designed to keep your pool sparkling. For maintaining your pool or spa’s water chemistry, Poolmaster’s Deluxe 5-Way DPD test kit is a great choice. The Polyethylene case holds all necessary components neat and tidy. Easy-to-read indicator panel and clear-view test block make testing your water’s chemistry a breeze. Includes rapid-dissolve DPD tablets and solutions #2 – #5.


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