NBA Water Basketball Game

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Product Description

  • For water basketball fun and NBA enthusiasts
  • Helps develop hand and eye coordination
  • Made of durable non-corrosive PVC tubing
  • Includes 3 large foam floats
  • Easy to assemble instructions
  • Hand-woven Polyethylene net is mildew resistant and NBA logo game ball is included
  • 21″ Diameter base x 16″ high

Young NBA enthusiasts can enjoy on-the-water competition with friends and family. Or, just practice your jump shot! Smooth vinyl NBA game ball is included and easy-to-assemble instructions and included. The basketball frame is made of durable non-corrosive PVC material and comes with three Polyform floats. An all-weather Polyethylene net is mildew resistant. Perfect for building coordination and developing skills for budding young basketball stars. Swish!

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Instruction Sheet

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Make Water Fun with your Friends

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