Water Pop Dual Pack Hot Shots Power Launchers

SKU: 72571

Product Description

  • Great toy for a hot day
  • Quick-draw refill
  • Projects water up to 45 feet
  • Rugged ABS plastic
  • Color: 2 Assorted
  • Size: 24” Long

Enjoy hours of water spraying fun. Easy to fill and use, the Hot Shots Power Launcher is fun for all ages. The quick-draw refill makes water play endless. Simply dip the end of the launcher into the pool and draw back the handle to fill the water chamber. You’re ready for action. Shoots up to 45 feet. Dual pack features two 24″ launchers made of colorful ABS material with soft foam handle and grip for no-slip play.

Ages 8 and up

Toy, Toys, Launcher, Squirter, Squirters, Gun, Guns

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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