Animal Dive Bombs – 3 Pack

SKU: 72767

Product Description

  • For underwater diving and retrieving fun
  • Made of waterproof Neoprene material
  • Soft sand-weighted ends for quick sinking
  • Streaming tails float upward for easy grabbing and retrieving
  • Available in three characters -Frog, Penguin, and Walrus
  • Measures approximately 9.8″ tall

Toss and dive! These Animal Dive Bombs come as a set of three cute characters – Frog, Penguin, and Walrus. Each character features a soft sand-filled end and streaming tail that stands upright at the bottom of the pool, making it easy to grab and bring back to the surface! Characters measure approximately 9.8″ tall and are made of waterproof Neoprene fabric. Recommended for ages 8+

Ages 8 and up Bomb, Animals, Diving, Toy, Toys

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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