Glide N Dive Torpedoes

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Product Description

  • Set of 4 torpedo-shaped dive toys
  • Fade-resistant, water-resistant colors in green, red, yellow, and orange
  • Aim and toss in a forward motion to watch them GLIDE underwater
  • Weighted for quick sinking
  • Create your own dive game rules
  • Each dive stick measures over 5″ long
  • Fun for ages 8+

Bombs away! These character dive sticks are colorful and fun to play with. Weighted just right, these torpedo’s sink quickly and are ready for underwater play. Aim and toss in a forward motion to see them scoot forward like a torpedo gliding through the water. See who can catch them before they reach the bottom or race to see who can grab the most. Made from non-corrosive, fade-resistant material. Set of four features fun designs in green, red, yellow, and orange. For ages 8+

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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