Flamingo Sling Chair

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Product Description

  • FUN on-trend FLAMINGO adornment integrated onto a semi-submerged hammock-style chair
  • LARGE-PROFILE CHAIR features generous horseshoe-shaped back / arm rest
  • HAMMOCK-STYLE inflatable center seat is ample and comfortable for all-day sitting – even for the BIG BOYS
  • TWO BEVERAGE POCKETS in each arm rest
  • Measures almost FIVE FEET WIDE and over THREE FEET DEEP
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)
  • Age: Adult

Trendy FUN INFLATABLE FLOATS are never out of style. Selfie-certified, this HOT FLAMINGO is ready to be noticed and adds a POP of color and FUN to any pool or lake. Generous in size, the HORSE-SHOE SHAPED BACK / ARM REST is supportive and will keep you sitting comfortably while the inflated sling-style center seat keeps you semi-submerged and super cool. Bring your favorite beverage to sip on and rest it in one of the two integrated beverage pockets…use the other to store your sunblock! Look whose ready to WOW FOR SUMMER!

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Make Water Fun with your Friends

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