2Pk Racing Saucers

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Product Description

  • For active water play and side-by-side racing
  • Set of TWO Racing Saucers are constructed as a low-profile mini island that makes it easy to tuck under your torso and race up and down the pool
  • Two integrated handles for grabbing while racing away
  • Set of TWO Saucers in Red and Blue
  • Recommended for ages 8+

Ages 8 and up

Ready. Set. Go! Race side by side to the finish line with this set of TWO Racing Saucers. You get one Blue and one Red racing saucer that feature integrated handles for grabbing as you race down the pool. These saucers are constructed as a low-profile island so they’re easy to slip underneath your torso and allow you to race away. Whether you kick or use your arms to get you to the finish line first, be assured that these Racing Saucers are the perfect size to hold you steady as you motor yourself to victory. Measuring 30″ in diameter and recommended for ages 8+

racing game, competition, swimming game, racing floats, kicking float, inflatable, blue float, red float, mini islands

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