Motorcycle Rider

SKU: 81752

Product Description

  • On-the-water riding fun
  • Large side pontoons provide upright stability
  • Contoured seat and fun motorcycle detailing provide realistic riding experience
  • Two grab handles are integrated on each side of the handle bars
  • Measures about 4′ long, deflated
  • Recommended for ages 8+

Vroom, Vroom! Get that moto running and ride the open waters. Realistic detailing makes this rider feel authentic and fun to ride. The contoured seat allows rider to sit low and feel like a true motorcycle rider. The side handles are integrated for grabbing the “handle bars” while enjoying the water fun. Two large side pontoons help to keep this cool moto stable for riding and playing fun. Measures about 4′ and recommended for kids 8+.

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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