Happy Hippo Rider

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Product Description

  • For on-the-water riding fun
  •  Oversized rider is water stable with wide-body profile
  • Curved back for sitting comfort
  • Four jumbo feet aid in on-the-water stability
  • Two integrated handles for riding security as needed
  • Includes easy inflate / deflate valve
  • Constructed from 10-gauge vinyl
  • Measures approximately 69″ long x 31″ high and 34″ wide

The Happy Hippo Rider commands attention on the water with its over sized shape! Standing approximately 34″ high, the wide-body design and four jumbo legs makes this jumbo purple Hippo happy to have riders on its back all day long. Made from 10-gauge vinyl and features two integrated handles for grabbing as needed. Measures approximately 69″ long x 34″ wide x 31″ high. Recommended for ages 6+.

Ages 6 and up Hippos, hippotatomus, Riders, Kids, Kid, Children

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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