Seahorse Noodle – 2 Pack

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Product Description

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  • Set of two curved noodles for hanging, riding, playing fun
  • Designed with integrated head and curved tail detailing
  • Color: Pink & Blue
  • Size: 54” Long x 9” Diameter, deflated
  • Gauge: 10g (0.25mm)

Enjoy TWO beautifully designed Seahorse Noodles for hanging, riding, or playing fun on the water. Darling head and curled tail features bring these two characters to life on the water. Approximately 5ft. long, end-to-end, deflated. Made of 10-gauge vinyl for light buoyancy, and recommended for ages 8+.

Ages 8 and up Noodles, Seahorses, Packs

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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