Camo Sport Mask

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  • FEATHER-EDGE SILICONE SKIRTING adds an additional interior layer of SILICONE that helps to ensure more of a secure, water-tight fit with the durability and comfort expected from SILICONE
  • SILICONE SPLIT STRAP provides a secure fit on the head
  • Mask features TEMPERED Lens that provides shatter-resistant protection
  • SINGLE LENS for a less obstructed view
  • LIFT LEVER BUCKLE mechanism allows for easy adjustability
  • REMEMBER: NEVER dive with a swim mask on!

The EVERGREEN STYLING of CAMOUFLAGE frames this mask loaded with DELUXE FEATURES. A SILICONE SKIRT and SPLIT STRAP are integrated into this trend-designed frame. The SILICONE SKIRT features a feather-edge interior which adds an additional layer of SILICONE around the face, ensuring more of a secure fit and seal. The SILICONE SPLIT STRAP is wide and covers more surface on the back of your head which provides a secure fit. A single WIDE-VISION LENS that allows for a greater field of vision is featured The LIFT- LEVER BUCKLE mechanism makes it easy to adjust quickly to the perfect tension and loosen when needed.


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