99031 | Silicone Nose Clip & Ear Plug Set

Silicone Nose Clip & Ear Plug Set

SKU: 99031

Product Description

  • Silicone ear plugs are soft, flexible and mold to inner ear
  • Nose clip frame features a light flexible bend with Silicone comfort pads
  • Set included case
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 1.5” Wide x 2” Long x .875” High (Case)

Serious swimmers demand the best quality materials for their swim aids. Enjoy the comfort and quality of a set of silicone ear plugs and nose clip. The nose clip features flexibility that allows for a secure yet comfortable fit over the bridge of your nose with durable, yet soft silicone-pads. The ear plugs easily mold to your inner ear with superior bend recovery to hold its shape use after use. Set includes reusable snap-close case.

Ages 8 and up Noses, Clips, Ears, Sets, Safety, Training, Train

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