Quick Connect Adapter with Shut-Off Valve

SKU: 37625

Product Description

  • Features on / off valve that controls the water flow from garden hoses attached to leaf vacuums 28316 / 28300
  • Attaches directly to the vacuum to control the water flow at the vacuum
  • All-weather material
  • Adapter includes rubber O-ring for a leak-free seal
  • Adapter can be used directly on hose bibs and other hose accessories using a male 3/4″ hose adapter – sold separately

Control The Flow! Now, the power of the waterflow is at your fingertips. For use with the Poolmaster leaf vacuums 28316 and 28300 and jet vacs 28008 and 28009, the quick-connect adapter allows you to shut off or on the water from the garden hose to the vacuum right at the source. No more back and forth to the hose bib. Simple and smart! Just replace with existing quick-connect adapter and upgrade your cleaning game.

The Quick-Connect with Shut Off Valve can also be used with other garden tools or directly on the hose bib using a male 3/4″ hose adapter – not included and sold separately.

Make Water Fun with your Friends

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